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Doppler Shift

Index 3 edition 50

Doppler, NY

Doppler Stop Europe

Never Underestimate a Monochrome - University of Iowa Museum of Art

A Romance of Many Dimensions, NY

Touch + Paris, Paris

IS 25 - 25, Netherlands

Informal Relations, Indianapolis

Kosmos, Netherlands

Transformal, LA

Transformal, Munich, Germany

Articles and Reviews

Dimog Jan, MONDRIAN BIS DUTCH DESIGN, I. Architekturschmetterlinge

The Link 2017

Imperfect Geometry First Draft 1986

Patterns that Connect – Territory of Abstraction

Two Coats of Paint, Doppler

Bushwick Daily, Doppler, Parallel Arts Space

Deep Black - Billy Gruner, Candida Alvarez, Brent Hallard

Kunstbeeld, Nr 9, 2011 (Expo selection: page 15) Sugermountain #2

An Exercise in Seeing at Brooklyn Artist's Gym
by Eric Sutphin

Kenneth Baker, "Abstracts Commingle Well at Meridian", San Francisco Chronicle, November 28, 2009

Artweek, The Space Between, SJICA