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Doppler Shift

Index 3 edition 50

Doppler, NY

Doppler Stop Europe

Never Underestimate a Monochrome - University of Iowa Museum of Art

A Romance of Many Dimensions, NY

Touch + Paris, Paris

IS 25 - 25, Netherlands

Informal Relations, Indianapolis

Kosmos, Netherlands

Transformal, LA

Transformal, Munich, Germany

Articles and Reviews

Imperfect Geometry First Draft 1986

Patterns that Connect – Territory of Abstraction

Two Coats of Paint, Doppler

Bushwick Daily, Doppler, Parallel Arts Space

Deep Black - Billy Gruner, Candida Alvarez, Brent Hallard

Kunstbeeld, Nr 9, 2011 (Expo selection: page 15) Sugermountain #2

An Exercise in Seeing at Brooklyn Artist's Gym
by Eric Sutphin

Kenneth Baker, "Abstracts Commingle Well at Meridian", San Francisco Chronicle, November 28, 2009

Artweek, The Space Between, SJICA